The King becomes a member of Wade’s Court

Okay, first let me say I am a Cavs fan by default. I am a homer and Cincinnati doesn’t have a NBA team. That being said, Lebron James just made a huge mistake. First off, Chris Bosh is the most over rated player in NBA history, he was simply the best player on a horrible team. He won’t be able to guard KG, and Gasol is better in every facet of the game. Second, Miami is D Wade’s team, if they both¬†would have signed with New York, LBJ would have been much better off. Stodamire is twice the player Bosh will ever be.¬† Better get a no trade clause Lebron, because when you don’t win, and you wont, without a center and a point guard, you’re going to be the fall guy. You will be traded for three good players that can help Miami win. Third You have zero chance of ever being the best Player in NBA history now, MJ did it on his team, with a little help from Pippen, Kobe has done it on his own team, with help from Gasol. If by some miracle you actually win a title, It will be on Wade’s team, with help from you. You went from arguably the best player in the league, to being the second best player on your team. Wade won the most in this free agency period, He got to stay home, and got to recruit the players he wanted. Lebron should have went to NY or Chicago. Chicago would have gave him his own team, with the best chance to win. I understand leaving Cleveland, not mad at all about that, but Miami to be a number 2 option? DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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